About Us

Complete Environmental Assessment and Contamination Assessment Services

Matanzas is a licensed geological firm that provides complete environmental assessment and contamination assessment services. Our primary business services include: environmental due diligence; contamination assessments; hydrogeological and geological assessments; underground storage tank removals; source removals; and expert witness consulting. Our clients are represented by various banking, investment, manufacturing, industrial, mining, transportation, and housing corporations. Our public and governmental sector clients include numerous municipalities, and county and state agencies.

Matanzas has built its reputation on providing high quality environmental services and being our client’s best advocate in dealing with issues of an environmental nature. As our clients face the ever-increasing challenges presented in today’s business and economic environment, Matanzas continues to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Matanzas’ commitment to client satisfaction is THE cornerstone of our organization. This commitment is backed by our ability to deliver what we promise. We continually seek ways to understand and anticipate the requirements of our clients, so that we can best meet specific project goals and expectations.