Florida Environmental Consulting Services: Matanzas Geosciences, Inc.

Environmental consultants are pivotal to protecting your investment when purchasing real estate, planning large scale development, or dealing with an environmental emergency on your property. Environmental site assessments (ESAs), contamination assessments, and cleanup of any contamination are necessary to avoiding future liability as well as protecting the surrounding environment. Matanzas Geosciences can guide the assessment in any direction it needs to go and can ease you through the entire process if contamination is discovered.

Matanzas Geosciences was established in the summer of 2004 and specializes in environmental due diligence investigations, contamination assessments, hydrogeological and geological assessments, geotechnical investigations, underground storage tank removals, and source removals. See the services page for further details and an outline of the entire process.

Creative Solutions for Environmental Challenges

Matanzas Geosciences takes your project objectives seriously and we have years of collective experience in all of the various environmental fields to be effective consultants, covering everything from geologic mapping to budget analysis to environmental remediation. Over the last decade we have performed over 600 Phase I ESAs and 200 Phase II ESAs for state, local, and private entities. Contaminants encountered during these investigations include petroleum, chlorinated solvents, metals, pesticides, herbicides, and dioxins. Matanzas has extensive experience working with the delicate environmental landscape of Florida but is also willing to travel to meet your needs throughout the Southeastern United States.

Environmental Due Diligence on Your Schedule and Budget

Our experience with environmental compliance and permitting at the local, state, and federal levels ensures your project is reviewed from a holistic perspective to allow you to take full regulatory advantage of every situation to reduce your stress and costs.

Florida Environmental Consulting Experience in the Field

Matanzas’ clients include developers, financial institutions, architects, civil engineers, mining companies, commercial real estate companies, marinas, and many private business owners.

Project sites in the past three years have included: ship manufacturing/marinas, power generating stations, gas stations/auto repair facilities, surface mining operations, solid waste landfills, defense department facilities, pulp mills, airports, a CCA wood treatment facility, industrial/manufacturing facilities, plant nurseries, and golf courses.